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Dharmaraja News
PGIAR head in New Delhi


Jagath Weerasinghe the head of the Post Graduate Institute of Archaeological Research  PGIAR (which institution is expected to be sympathetic to and explore our heritage) had given a lecture in New Delhi denouncing Sri Lankan monks. Students studying there forwarded to the RASSL a letter they had written to our embassy complaining about his behaviour. I am copying that letter below in the public interest. I have seen this Jagath character in a conference not knowing elementary matters in the Mahavamsa. I would suggest that you could take up this with relevant authorities including those in Buddhist positions of authority. Incidentally one should note that the SAARC University referred to here compared to other Indian based is not a proper University.

Controversial comment on Buddhism at a seminar in New Delhi by Prof. Jagath Weerasinghe Reported by :  A Participant                                                                                                     

On 24th August 2016 in New Delhi at South Asian University, an institute sponsored by the eight south Asian countries, a seminar on “ Buhhsism in Sri Lanka and Stupas” was organized by the Department of Sociology under the leadership of Prof. Sasanka Perera, the vice president of SAU. The keynote speaker of the lecture was Prof. Jagath Weerasinghe from PGIAR ( Post Graduate Institute of Archaeology)  Sri Lanka. During the lecture a controversial comment was made by Prof. Weerasinghe disrespecting the Sri Lankan Buddhist clergy. In his statement he said “ Fucking Sri Lankan Buddhist monks are engaging in violence to disrupt the peaceful society in the country”. This controversial disrespectful comment was made in front of Sri Lankan Prof. Sasanka Perera, the vice president and the dean of the faculty of social science at SAU, Dr. Dev N. Pathak, Coordinator of Department of Sociology and in presence of the  large number of students from India, Sri Lanka , Bangladesh and from Afghanistan. Even though this controversial comment was made, there was no objection from the Sri Lankan Prof. Sasanka Perera. Rather there was applause from the renowned academics. This matter was reported by a group of participants to Mr. Kapila Fonseka, a diplomat based in the Sri Lankan High Commission in New Delhi. Since we are reporting this controversial incident it is highly questionable why this incident was not investigated by the Government of Sri Lanka and why such people are kept ( Prof. Jagath Weerasinghe and Prof. Sasanka Perera ) in such positions representing Sri Lanka and SAARC. 

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