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Dharmaraja News

Dharmaraja played 16 two day matches and two 50 over matches before their Big match with Kingswood. Out of the 16 two day games D.R.C. WON 01 , Drew 09 and lost 02. Four ended in no decision. Out of the two 50 over games Rajans won one and lost one. In the Sri Lanka Schools Cricket Tournament Rajans were placed 7th in Group “A “ of Division 1.

Rajans started the season with great promise gaining an outright victory against the strong St Benedicts

Team, in the first SLSCA tournament game. But the team was handicapped with a shoulder injury to the best bowler Vimukthi Galahitiyawa , the Captain, who eventually had to keep away from all the matches played after the first week of January 2016.An additional blow was the absence of the opening bowler , Lahiru Samarakoon who was selected to represent the Sri Lanka Under 19 team. Luckily he was available for the last two games , against Mahinda and D.S. Sennayake. Ruchira Pupulawatta the best All rounder missed the game with D.S.S due to a fracture of a finger which kept him out for the rest of the season. Nevertheless Rajans with five centurions in the side had the capacity to perform better in batting. But their poor batting performance in the first innings in all most all the games except two deprived them of more victories. The games against Royal , and Rahula Matara, were not played.

Coach Mr. Senaka Dissanayake M.I.C Mr. Manjula Udagedara.

Matches played with total scores

1 Vs Dharmasoka Dharmasoka 176 for 6 wkts interrupted by rain No Decision

2.vs Dharmapala Dhamapala 158 and 35 for 7 wkts.

Dharmaraja 220 Rain deprived 3 hours of play No Deccision

3.Vs St Benedicts St Benedicts 129 and 214

Dharmaraja 225 and 93 for 5 wkts Dharmaraja WON

4.Vs Zahira Zahira 182 for 8 wkts Interrupted by rain No Decision

5.Vs Maliyadeva Dharmaraja 171

Maliyadeva 115 for 5 wkts Interrupted by rain No Decision

6.Vs St Aoysius Dhamaraja 197 and 86

St Aloysius 308 Dharmaraja Lost by Innings

7.Vs De Mazenod Dharmaraja 192 and 115 for 5 wkts.

De Mazenod 232 for 3 declared Match Drawn

8.Vs St Anthonys , Wattala. D.R.C. 319 for 9 dec

St Anthonys ( W) 242 Match Drawn

9.Vs. ST Anthonys(K) Dharmaraja 313 for 6 dec.

S.A.C Katugas: 129 and 123 for 4 wkts. Match Drawn

10. Vs Bandaranaike

Gampaha Bandaranaike 453 for 7 dec

Dharmaraja 312 Match Drawn

11.Vs.Trinity Dharmaraja 119 and 220

Trinity 220and 120 for 7 wkts Dharmaraja Lost by 3 wkts.

12.Vs Nalanda Nalanda 298 for 9 dec

Dharmaraja 122 and 139 for 6 wkts at close Match Drawn.

13.Vs.Ananda Ananda 307 for 8 de

Dharmaraja 157 and 74 for 5 at close Match Drawn.

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14. Vs. St Sylvesters St Sylvesters 286

Dharmaraja 109 and 193 for 8 at close Match Drawn

15.Vs. Mahinda Dharmaraja 283

Mahinda 184 Match Drawn

16. Vs. D.S.Senanayake D.S.S. 250

Dharmaraja 82 and 225 for 8 wkts at close Match Drawn


  1. Vs. St Thomas’ Matara D.R.C. 323 for 8 wkts

S.T.C. 151 for 9 wkts Dharmaraja WON

2. Vs. ST Peter’s Colombo D.R.C. 169 all out 49 .1 overs

S.P.C 171 for 6 wkts 43.5 0vers Dharmaraja LOST


  1. Ruchira Pupulewatta Big Match 2015

  2. Sehan Vitharana 100 Vs St Anthony’s Wattala

  3. Nivantha Herath 130 Vs Bandranaike V . Gampaha.

  4. Nivantha Herath 103 Not out Vs. St Anyhony’s , Katugastota.

  5. Deshan Gunasinghe 105 Vs. St Thomas’ Matara ( 50 overs game )

BOWLING 5 wickets and over

  1. Vimukthi Galahitiyawa Captain 5 for 30 Vs Dharmapala

  2. Vimukthi Galahiiyawa 5 for 56 Vs Zahira

  3. Vimukthi Galahiiyawa 5 for 106 Vs St Aloysius

  4. Asmitha Rajapaksa 5 for 27 Vs St Benedicts.

  5. Ruchira Pupulewatta 5 for 80 Vs. ST Anthony’s, Wattala

  6. Ruchira Pupulewatta 6 for 49 Vs. Trinity

  7. Ruchira Pupulewatta 6 for 67 Vs Trinity.


14th March, 2016

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