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Dharmaraja News
Debater – Grand Finale

The top two debating teams of "The Debater with AAT - season 3" have now been identified. 12 months down the line the competition has witnessed 75 competing teams being squeezed down to two. The "Debater with AAT", inter-schools debating competition, organized & telecast on Sirasa TV every Saturday at 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. has eventually reached the most exciting stage – Grand Finale.

The Grand Finale of "The Debater with AAT - season 3" will be on the air on 6th February 2015 telecast live from Stine Studio Rathmalana from 4.30p.m. onwards. The two debating teams competing for the prestigious "Debater Award" are from VISAKHA VIDYALAYA, COLOMBO & DHARMARAJA COLLEGE, KANDY.

The Association of Accounting Technicians of Sri Lanka, fulfilling one of its corporate social responsibility activities has sponsored this popular event. It is mainly targeted at improving the communication and presentation skills of the student population who will go out to society with knowledge & experience. Mr. Lalith Fernando, President of AAT Sri Lanka said, "The programme brings together students from the entire country, helping them primarily to believe in themselves; to gain self-confidence, most importantly the discipline to win the contest, or to bow out with grace".

The debate consists of four rounds testing the skills of debaters on presentations, debating skills involving quick on the spot arguments, listening skills and prompt relevant replies. In the 1st round a member each from both teams is given the opportunity to express his/her opinion on the topic. In the 2nd & 3rd rounds the teams are given the chance to question a member of the other team. Finally, the opinion of each team is concluded & confirmed in the 4th round leaving room for the panel of judges to decide the winners.

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