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Dharmaraja News

Rajans’ Rugby Day is an Annual event at Dharmaraja College Kandy. This year’s

Rugby day falls on 21st

the minor staff, stops its academic work and invades the Nittawela Rugby Grounds

to bask in sunlight and spend the day playing and watching Rugby.

Really it is two days. What happens on day one, is a massive inter-class rugby

tournament, a parallel of the Science Day, Arts Festival, Colors’ Nite or the

Annual Sports meet. The class teacher organizes the class team supported by the

student members of each class. The idea is to involve the academic staff and

all students in the total rugby effort of the school. Thus, all non-players become

supporters, led by their teacher and they all learn to understand the game. At the

same time, it is part of the holistic education they get at Dharmaraja.

Then the class players get the feel of what it is like to be playing on the green of

the hallowed Nittawela Rugby grounds, the Mecca of Kandyan Rugby. They are

inspired to be playing the game in front of the Kandy Club rugby stand, named

after their own legendary ‘prince of rugby’, Indrajith Bandaranayake who was

a treat to watch as he pounded down this ground to plant those innumerable tries.

The young Rajans would aspire to emulate their icon.

On the second day, the Old Boys- ORRFU take over the event. They invite a

chief guest to grace the occasion. Usually it is an Old Rajan rugby celebrity some

of who included Sri Lanka players of yore like Col. C.S. Fernando, DIG Daya

Jayasundera, Indrajith himself, Hemantha Yatawara, Ajantha Samarakoon and

other professionals who aided the game at Dhamaraja in different ways to help

the school end up as Schools’ champions last year- 2013, for the first time. This

year, the chief guest will be, Mr. Sarath Matara arachchi, Prefect of Games who

recently retired after devoting his entire career virtually as the director of sports of

the school for well over twenty years.

On this day, the finals are played out. And the grand finale is the dazzling

encounter between the Present and Old Boys giving another toast to the ‘young

and 22nd

February. On this day the entire school, including

Turks’ of the school, the heroes to be. The trophy is dedicated to the memory of

the late Gamini Thomas who was a Rajan Rugby giant in his time.

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