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Dharmaraja News

Under 19  school cricket.


Ananda  VS  Dharmaraja for the P.W.Perera Memorial  Trophy will be  played on Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th at lake View Kandy.  Ananda and Dharmaraja  commenced playing with each other in 1893 when the Ananda Principal was late  Mr.A.E.Bultjens and the Dharmaraja Principal was late Sir D.B.Jayatilake.  P.W.Perera Trophy was introduced in 1999 by the Old Anandianas led by Sanjiva Senanayake  in appreciation of the services rendered by Mr. P .W. Perera  to raise the standard of cricket  both at Dharmaraja and Ananda. Mr. P.W.Perera  who played for Ananda from 1938 to 1941 captained Ananda  in 1940 , and the combined Colleges team in 1941. His first cricket coaching assignment was at Dharmaraja  as a member of the tutorial staff  under  the Principal Mr. L.H.Mettananda.   Mr. P.W.Perera coached the 1941-42 and 1942-43  teams at Dharmaraja  and joined the Department of Prisons in 1942  where he  rose to the position of Superintendent of Prisons  before his retirement. The 1942 and 43  cricket teams of Dharmaraj captained by T.B.Talwatta were outstanding   with  five centurians , T.B.Talwatta, P.L.Arthur Alwis, Raja  Mettananda , S.G .Munasinghe and M.R.Gunawardana   in the team. Rajans were considered unofficial cricket champions along with St Josep’s,  the only other undefeated team amongst the schools. Dharmaraja came to be recognized as a leading cricket playing school  after the success gained when Mr. P.W.Perera coached the team.

While serving in the Department of   Prisons, stationed in Colombo, Mr. P.W.Perera took over coaching at Ananda in 1953 and continued till Anuruddha Polonnowita was   given the task in 1973.Thereafter Mr. P.W.Perera was coaching   the Ananda juniors till his demise in 2006.   During   Mr. P.W.Perera’s period of coaching   , Ananda cricket   blossomed and a galaxy of outstanding cricketers   were produced. Dhanasiri weerasinghe , Sarath Wimalaratne, Sonny Yatawara  , Sunil Wettamuni and Anuruddha Polonnowita  are some of them. Junior cricket group under Mr. P.W Perera after 1973   was the nursery that produced   a large number of Test   cricketers from Ananda ,  including the world cup winning Sri Lanka captain  Arjuna Ranatunga.

P.W.Perera memorial Trophy is awarded   only   when the   result is an outright victory , and Ananda having won the Trophy in the inaugural year 1999   retains it.  The match played last year   at Ananda Mawatha  ended   in a Draw with Ananda scoring 263 all out and Dharmaraja  replying with 217 all out . In the second innings Ananda were 87 for 2 at close of play.

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