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Dharmaraja News
DAANA 2013 in Review

Monetary Aids:

  1. Rajans Rugby (ORRFA): Rs 325,000/=
  2. Scholarship Program 2013 (31 school students and one undergraduate student): Rs 237,524.74
  3. Scholarship Program 2014 (in the scholarship fund for 2014): Rs. 120,000/=
  4. RISGO Scouts: Rs 120,000/=
    Travel assistance to the 3 DRCK students to attend Global Scholar's Cup in Dubai: Rs 50,000/=
  5. Dharmaraja Past Teachers Association Rs 50,000/=
  6. Telescope for the Astronomical of Dharmaraja College (the fund is still active will continue to 2014): Rs 90,000/=

TOTAL Rs 992,524.74

Educational and other projects:

  1. Organized a webinar with distinguished Sri Lankan diplomat, Dr. Palitha TB Kohona, at school on Oct 15th, 2013.  
  2. 14 near-new IBM Lenovo laptops  were donated to the school computer center.
2 Our Juniors back home had a glorious year too:
  1. Ruggerites won the Division A Singer Trophy
  2. U16 Ruggerites won the junior championship
  3. Western band won the all Island championship
  4. Cadets won the Herman Loose Trophy
  5. U19 National Chess champions
  6. Rajans Astronomy Quiz Team won the Ruth Allen all Island Astronomy Quiz
  7. Rajans Quiz team won the Mind Probe 2013 title
  8. Rajans Quiz team won Blue & Gold all island quiz competition
  9. Rajans Quiz team won "Kings quiz 2013" championship
  10. Rajans Quiz Club launched an annual Inter-school quiz competition for The Somapala Rathnaweera Memorial Challenge Trophy
  11. National Physics Olympiad Island 1st.
  12. Gold medal at National Biology Olympiad Scouts organized/hosted RISGO international jamboree
  13. Silver medal at the Malaysian open junior Badminton Championship
  14. A/L Results 2013 : Maths District 1st & 2nd
  15. A/L Results 2013 : Biology District 1st
  1. Bank Account was moved from Bank of America to Capital One since Capital One offered free banking.
  2. Online Payments: google check out went away and PayPal came in.
  3. Up to date, the Statement of Financial Accounting Standards (SFAS) No 117 compliant, DAANA Operating Finance Statements are now available on the website (accounts are fully transparent)
  4. Developed and implemented a SFAS 117 compliant, fully-automated, accounting system for DAANA.
  5. Website: Content Management System (CMS) needed 3 major upgrades, and the website is up to date again
  6. DAANA maintains active communication channels: email list members (209); email list non-member rajans (500+); Social media Facebook (225 members in group, 630 friends); Twitter (42 followers); LinkedIn; YouTube Channel, Google plus (100+)
4Brigadier Nirmal Dharmarathna was interviewed to pay tribute to Rajans War Heroes during the War Victory Week in May 2013.

Toronto Rajans:

Rajans ruggerties fielded a strong team combined with Wesleyites at the Sri Lankan Schools Rugby 7s Carnival in Toronto, Canada on Sep 22nd, 2013 and won the Plate Championship.

Washington DC Rajans:

  1. For the fourth year in a row rajans in north America fielded a team at the Annual Sri Lanka Schools flag rugby tournament in Washington DC on May 26th, 2013.
  2. Popular Teledrama and movie actor and well known old Rajan Roshan Pilapitiya was the guest of honor at the 7th DC Chapter get together.
Our very special thanks to Dr. Keerthi de Silva, the single largest contributor to the DAANA Scholarship Program for 4 years in a row.
Below gentlemen made all those activities in Section "To the School" possible THANK YOU VERY MUCH on behalf of those we served - we wrote emails, you wrote checks, thanks again !

Individual Contributions in US Dollars.
Dr. Keerthi De Silva 1,800.00
Janaka Edirisooriya, Chandana Basnayake, Rohana Haliyadda, Anushka Mederigama (Saudi Arabia)  
Sanka Tennakoon 350.00
Kaushalya Siriwardena 320.00
Kosala Samaraweera  300.00
Sarith Mahanama 260.00
Brookfield (Thanks Sajith Ellepola) 258.55
Rajitha Siriwardena 239.00
Bandula Ranasinghe 215.00
Sajith Ellepola 205.00
Ashoka Polpitiya 200.00
Dave Shivanka Jayasinghe 200.00
Madhura Rajapakse 200.00
Nishantha Bandara 180.00
Geeth Uyanwatte 175.00
Chanaka Rajaguru 160.00
Suresh H De Silva 150.00
Roshan Lenagala 150.00
Chaminda Rajapakse 150.00
Professor Stanley Samarasinghe 140.00
Buddhika Bandaranayake 125.00
Manjula Jayathunge 125.00
Ranil Banneyake 100.00
Anuradha Indika Gamage 100.00
Sanath R. Wijerathna 100.00
Sanjeewa Gamagedera 100.00
Thushara Diyabalanage 100.00
Hemaka Mendis 100.00
Dimuthu Jayawickrama 100.00
Asanka Wiswajith Chandrawansa (UAE)  75.00
Dantha Chanakya 75.00
Suren Lewkebandara 75.00
Saman & Sugi Perera 75.00
Malinda Thilakarathna 73.50
Supul Amunugama (Australia) 70.00
Sisira Athauda 70.00
Chaminda Abeyratne (UAE) 50.00
Chathura Deniyawatta 50.00
Gemunu Ratnayake (Bangladesh) 50.00
Lasantha Gunasekera 50.00
Niluka Palihawadena (Kuwait) 50.00
Tharanga Gamaethige 50.00
Shanaka Herath 50.00
Sethsiri Jayawardena 50.00
Jeewan Gajaweera 45.85
Dharmadasa Hettiarachchi 40.00
Samapriya Wanigasundara 40.00
Rohan Mudannayake 36.00
Buddhika Samarakoon 35.00
Sameera Ranmal Gunatilake 25.00
Upali Basnayake 25.00
Niluksha Walalawela 20.00
Krishantha Ediriweera 15.00
Hemantha Ratnayake 15.00
Upananda Karunaratne 15.00
Kushalya Fernando (UK) 5.00
TOTAL $8,562.90

For the umpteenth time, DAANA mission is "to involve in projects that will improve educational, social, and cultural activities and infrastructure at School and promote networking and camaraderie of alumni of DRCK, in North America".

So we set out a two-fold vision for 2013: (1) to focus in activities at school (directly and in collaboration with other OBUs); (2) to increase member participation.

We are glad that we got opportunities to work with the Old Rajans Rugby Football Association (ORRFA), Old Rajans Scouts Association (ORSA), and Dharmaraja Past Teachers Association (DPTA). For e.g., when ORRFA request came, we used all our resources, networks, and infrastructure to reach out to rajans diaspora and to raise much needed funds for the ruggerites.

However, as for the second part of the vision "increase member participation", we freely admit that we were not quite successful in garnering member participation as much as we would have loved. As old wise guy would say, 'It is better to travel hopefully than to arrive'.

A member's response is the most rewarding moment for the volunteers who help run DAANA. No matter what or how much, a response is an endorsement that we are unified by the cause.

So now we are here at the dawn of 2014 ....

"moving all members together to charity is very very difficult but let us not lose heart" - BoD'13 to BoD'14, December 31, 2013

We are signing off happily with the satisfaction of serving our beloved alma mater together with you all. Thanks so much for all your support during the year !

Make sure to contact Kaushalya/Sarith (DC/VA/MD), Ashoka (Salt Lake City), Buddhika(Detroit), Geeth (NY), or Malinda (Guelph, Canada), if you are visiting any of these areas.

BoD'13 - Kaushalya Siriwardane, Malinda Thilakarathna, Buddhika Bandaranayake, Ashoka Polpitiya, Sarith Mahanama, Geeth Uyanwatte


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