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Dharmaraja News
Sri Lankan Buddhists condemns Mahabodhi Temple bomb blasts

The Buddhist world must condemn the bombings that took place inside the Mahabodhi Temple in India. We appreciate the prompt statement issued by Indian Prime Minister well ahead of all others though the fact that 9 bombs had been placed strategically inside areas that would have shaken and shocked the world’s Buddhists go to show a bigger ploy at play. It is a very clear signal that Buddhism and Buddhists are now under attack as the West now prepares to enter Buddhist hinterland in their post-Middle East agenda for world supremacy.

It is also very clear that the same media that was complicity in the fictitious and bogus military interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Libya, Sudan, Haiti, Somalia and now Syria with Iran as next target is now working overtime to completely castigate Buddhists in whatever ways possible using media and their authors.

While we await investigations to conclude who was responsible we do not rule out the sinister methods that the West uses to fast forward their objective and it is obvious that they are looking to pitch the Buddhists against the moderate Muslims in a new geopolitical tool they have found in nurturing and importing radical Islam throughout the world. Today, Muslims themselves have become victims of Muslims in a tragic state of affairs and Muslims find themselves unable to oppose because the manner they are kept bonded to Islam – it is this that the West is now taking unfair advantage of. We cannot trust leaders because their motivation is only based on their desire to remain in power therefore it is for the masses to be intelligent enough to weigh the scenarios – trusting in media is nothing anyone is advised to do. Seek and find the truth for oneself is a better option to follow.

Buddhism is far more than a religion – many may think by blowing up a statue because it stands against iconoclasm they can diminish and kill the Buddhists but they are wrong. In fact, Buddhism is a philosophy based on an individuals’ journey for truth and it is that self-discovery that today finds appeal for a lot of people in the West who despite being in their own faith are applying the teachings of Lord Buddha to the way they live. We therefore see a very strong Buddhist revival taking place throughout the world and no clash of civilization can stop the power that Buddhism can offer to man as he is enveloped in lies and deceits that are woven by a handful of people out to destroy the world and humanity.

While we condemn in no uncertain terms the very low tactic used to give a message to the Buddhists, the Buddhists cannot be broken that easily – in fact the message Buddhists now give to all those attempting to denigrate Buddhists and Buddhism is that we are far more stronger than people give credit for and we are awake to the mechanizations at play.


Shenali D Waduge

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