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ගාල්ලේ දෙව්සිරි පී හේවාවිද
Srilanka expelled from Commonwealth for killing Australian cricket

නේවි  පිල්ලේ නෝනට හරි ජොලිලු

There is growing outrage around the world  about the  inhumane act of Srilankan cricket  team beating Australia  byat the Oval last Monday.


Various Protest marches and rallies have been  taking place in Canada,  Canberra and outer Mongolia by the jobless LTTE refugees-

Since these people have nothing else to do they are gathering outside the British Parliament squares  calling for an immediate cease to  Srilanka's rocket fire batting and  ruthless missile bowling by Malinga & Kulasekara .  However, Srilanka does not seems to listen to anybody and determined to steamroll every opponent to the dismay of Amnesty International’s LTTE branch


Mr Genocider Made-Up-pa Hora Lingham  මේඩප්පා හොර ලිංගම් of   the London Diaspora said “We have paid enough to MPs, British Journalists and Human Right Watch  to say that they  have clear evidence that Srilanka have committed horrific atrocities against innocent Civilians cricket fans at the Oval. “


The latest blow to the Sri Lankan government's credibility came from UN’s imaginary Sat Nav  . Its report dated 17 June   said there were indications of "building destruction and damages resulting from Malinga’s  boot marks ".    The report also mentions attacks outside the pitch where Australians were repeatedly hit with  cover drives and hook shots  by Mahela Jayawardana


Photographs taken by ever truthful London  Times reporters in their dreams ,present clear evidence of an atrocity that comes close to matching and other cricketing   massacres in the past . In the sandy so-called no-sixes and fours  zone where the trapped Aussies were told to go to escape the brutal bombardment of  late cuts and hook shots by Lankan players , there are hundreds of fresh boot marks as well as craters and debris where players once stood.  It was certainly a Killing field for Srilankans said rent a quote British labour MP Keith Vaz. 


Srilanka have been fighting a gruella war against this leading group of cricket terrorists called Australians for nearly 30 years. .The war started in 1975 when two leading rocket hurlers  of Aussie side, Thompson and Lillie gravely injured Srilanka’s commando  Batter Sunil Wettamuni at London Oval.  Over the years there were many world cup final battles between the two sides which always ended with easy victories for Aussies


However under the leadership of a new military supremo called Angelo Mathews Srilankan troops  totaly annihilated the Aussies at the oval and last Monday to the dismay of the  කුලියට කහින   NGOs and Western Governments


According to  the vile Channel 4  man Calum Macabre's latest film Srilanka Killing Pitches  20,000 wickets have been  eliminated  - mostly by the Malinga and Ranga Herath  - in the latter stages of the match against the Australians .   Viewers were shown the horrific  footage of Australian Batsmen like  Phil Hughes, Bailey and Mitchell Marsh mercilessly executed by Srilankan bowlers.  “The world should do something urgent , like buying my fantasy film and making me rich “ says Calum තක්කඩියා


At an emergency session in Geneva this morning, Navi bloody Pillay, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights expressed her GRAVE CONCERN  about the way Srilanka won the match with no respect  for international Cricketing human rights. She said “The strip of  the ground where 11 Australians huddled during the Sri Lankans  decisive assault against the Australian bowlers shows clear signs of heavy batting by Srilankans military leaders  like Kusal Perera which is of course contravene the Geneva convention “



She  had called on Tuesday for an international cricket crimes inquiry, saying she believed that Srilanka  might be guilty of heinous  crime of winning a test Match.  


Sri Lanka, unable to stop the Human Rights Council taking up its case, rushed its own motion to the floor praising their batting and bowling  in time to beat a more censorious resolution tabled by a leading cricketing nation USA


In an emergency debate in the British Parliament the Deputy Prim Minister Nick Clegg said "  . Srilankan  had no regards for Human Rights of Australian players . Half way through the match I phoned the President Rajapaksa who assured me that his team would not use any heavy weapons to defeat the enemy. Yet I saw with my own eyes that their Sergeant Malinga  using something called Yorker  that bamboozled the innocent Australians. It was horrifying to watch one after another batsman falling  down to his cruel bowling.   It was in humane act.”



Prat Admas  the idiot who runs Tiger Human Right Watch is elated. “At last I have found something to write against Srilanka this week too” he said.  “ I watched this baseball type match taking place in London Oval.  How cruel a foot soldier called Ranga Herat  throwing a heavy weapon called googly and eliminate Adam Voges .  Then the man from their  STF squad Dilshan used a weapon of mass destruction called caught & Ball and the war  suddenly came to an end. .  This is an outrageous inhuman act by Srilanka   and we in the West cannot sit idle and let them celebrate this victory "


The Prime Minister David Cameron  accused Srilanka of trying to win cricket matches without the help of the West. "How dare are they to think they know how to play cricket  better than us. My government demands an UN Enquiry in to alleges rocket  fire batting by Srilankans. That man Sangakara has destroyed England and Australia single handed and he should be hauled before international Criminal Justice  Commission  " .


Then Barrack Obama  simply ask "Srilanka? where the hell in Africa this country is "


While having a Wade and a plain tea , වඩේ හා ප්ලේන්ටියක් අතේ තියගෙන කතා  කල the British Tiger rent a quote MP Simon Hughes  said "Srilanka keeps telling us that they used only one ball for  the match, but London Diaspora have paid me enough to say that I have clear evidence that Srilanka  buried more than 1000 balls  on the ground


Former BBC correspondent Frances Hari-Boru-son, හරි- බොරු-සන් told the  CNN   “ In my latest book “Still counting  my money I have clearly described how blood thirsty Srilankan bowlers massacred one Aussie batsman after another. I have 500 eye witness testimonies saying that after the match Srilankan supporters  went on a killing spree at Oval . Naturally I would say to you that I  cannot disclose their identities for fear of reprisals by Srilankans but you and I both know that these are all made up stories by myself in order to please my LTTE masters and sell my book of lies.


Yolanda Gonster  ගොන්ස්ටර් at Amnesia international expressed her outrage. “ I would issue a statement tonight utterly condemning the in humane way Srilanka  has won this cricket match. Otherwise my pay masters LTTE might stop my money”


Srilankan Minister Mahinda Samarasingha vigorously defended the victorious Srilankan team lead by Angelo Mathews. “We have defeated world most ruthless cricket terrorist group on the pitch and you guys and this Bastian bloody Pillay woman wants to investigate us?? You must have a screw loose on your head.” 


However,due to this  relentless campaign by Channel 4, London Times and British LTTE members of British parliament ,the result of the Srilanka - Australia Match was declared null and void by the ICC last night and at a special commonwealth Foreign Minsters meeting in Jaylalitha’s toilet in Tamil Nadu,    it has been decided to  expel Srilanka from the tournament & Commonwealth  . 


After this stupid decision,   Professor Rajive Wijsingha MP went on the counter attack and said " Australians were the deadly cricketing nation in the world which has committed unspeakable inhumane acts against other nations over the last  three decades. We single headedly defeated them and now you bloody lot cannot accept it . Go and jump in the river”

පිල්ලේ  නෝනා ස්කොට්ලන්ඩ් පොලිසිය  මේ පැත්තට  එවන්නට කලින්   මේ නිර්බීත ලේකක ඉන්ජිනේරුවාටත් බෝක්කුවෙ න් බිමට පැන ගෙදර දුවන්නට කාලය හරිය

ඔක්කොටම  බය් බාය්


Bye bye


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