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Dharmaraja News
Old Rajans Condemn Violence against Referees and Propose Steps to Avoid Future Incidents



Media Release – Old Rajans Rugby Football Association (ORRFA)

Kandy, June 14, 2013 - Old Rajans Rugby Football Association (ORRFA) held a Special
Meeting on Friday June 7, 2013 at the Dharmaraja Old Boys Union headquarters to discuss the
recent incidents involving violence against referees during various schools Rugby matches
including the game between Dharmaraja College and St. Joseph's College on June 1, 2013.
During the meeting, Old Rajans unanimously agreed that any violence during or after school
rugby games, particularly against referees, is not acceptable and regretted the events that resulted
in such an incident during their school’s 1st of June game against St. Joseph's College.
ORRFA has also conveyed its regret to the Sri Lanka Society of Rugby Football Referees, for
the incident that occurred during the 1st of June game, and tendered a personal apology to the
referee concerned in that game.
During the current season, the Dharmaraja College rugby players have upheld a high level of
discipline both on and off the field. It is unfortunate that the actions of a few individuals have, by
association, brought the team and the school to disrepute. This incident has threatened to
overshadow the excellent performance of Dharmaraja players who have become the only school
in Division A this season to have an unbeaten record so far, and it will be unfortunate if they
would be made to suffer any adverse consequences for the misbehaviour of parties beyond the
players' control.
The meeting recognized this situation and agreed on an action plan to eliminate adverse
behaviours that have contributed to these incidents. While ORRFA has already started taking
actions within its purview, ORRFA would like to solicit the support of schools rugby
administrators, supporters of Rajans Rugby as well as of other schools playing this respected
sport. ORRFA will support the Dharmaraja College rugby administration in ensuring the security
for referees and other officials for games hosted by Dharmaraja College, and would like to
request the old boys of other schools to support their respective administrations to do the same.
Also, ORRFA would like to request supporters of Rajans Rugby to refrain from entering the
playing field after the conclusion of a game.
In restoring normalcy to schools rugby, ORRFA would like to recognize the fundamental
importance of players and spectators enjoying the game, sportsmanship and leadership
For further information, please contact [email protected]

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