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Dharmaraja News
Scholars' Cup 2013 -Dubai An appeal from the Principal
Scholars' Cup 2013- Dubai

Rajans’ achievements at the Dubai Regional round:

Dharmaraja team comprising of Bharatha Rankothge, Rahal Medawattge and Janith Weerakkody participated at the Dubai Regional round from 31st May to 1st June and were able to bring glory to school and motherland by winning the Third place at the overall completion after competing with 200 other teams from 12 different nations. Furthermore, Bharatha Rankothge was awarded the Best Scholar award from among 600 students. Altogether, they won 14 medals and 4 trophies, astounding the audience and the organizing committee and gaining special recognition as the best performance in the Scholar’s Cup history from a rookie team.

  1. They won awards in following categories.
  2. Collaborative writing- Individual- Gold Medal- Bharatha Rankothge
  3. Collaborative writing- Team- Silver Medal
  4. Scholar’s Challenge- Individual- Bronze Medal- Bharatha Rankothge
  5. Scholar’s Challenge- Team- Silver Medal
  6. Debate- Individual- 5th place- Bharatha Rankothge
  7. Champion students- Gold Medal (Best Scholar)- Bharatha Rankothge
  8. Top Teams- Bronze Medal

The 3 students in the team were selected by myself and the teacher in charge by considering their qualities and abilities. They had already won honor and national and international glory for the school and the motherland in many previous occasions and are a part of the elite community of students working hard in academic and extra-curricular fields to uplift the standards of the school.

World Scholar’s Cup is an international competition organized by the World Scholar’s Cup foundation with the aim of celebrating the spirit of studying. It had the attendance of 39 countries and consists of 3 stages.

  1. Regional rounds: Rounds are held in 12 countries around the world and the best performing teams are selected to the next round.
  2. Global round: Winners from the regional rounds will meet and compete for the World Scholars Cup.
  3. Tournament of the Champions: This is held at Yale University and only 100 teams will be invited.

At every stage of the competition a team of 3 students have to compete with others in the following rounds using the knowledge they have gained by researching the given theme in 7 subjects.

  1. Debates
  2. Collaborative Writing
  3.  Scholar’s Challenge
  4. Scholar’s Bowl

  This year’s theme is “a world in motion.”

 Global Round II is scheduled to be held at Dubai from 19th toAnd n 23rd June 2013. The airfare for 3 students is estimated to be around 3000 USD and the registration fee is 1200 USD which are the major obstacles shadowing their path to glory.

 Dear Old Rajans, we appreciate the concern and support you are rendering to the school in all its endeavors. The School makes all these achievements through the collective effort of all of us.

We invite you to extend a helping hand once again to these students to ensure their victory at the Global Round and to win glory and recognition to our school and the country


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