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Dharmaraja News
Dr. Nihal Karunaratne psses away.
Last week Distingushed Old Rajan Dr. Nihal Krunaratne famous private parctitioner at the Peoples' Dispensary, next to the Kandy Buddhist Association ( KBA), after a prolonged illness. Dr.Nihal was the son of Dr. G.W. Karunaratne the famous friendly doctor who served the people of Kandy before Dr. Nihal who lived at 'Gun fire' atop and next to the Wace Park hill overlooking the kandy lake. Dr. Nihal was really a Royalist who played Rugby for that school in his day. But he spent two years at Dharmaraja like many other Royalists during the WW II years in the early Forties. He was the official Physicsian for Dharmaraja and Trinity for a long time who treated the Hostellers free of charge, when they fell ill. Also, Dr. Nihal was very helpful to the Old Boys in organizing the various activities connected with the collge Centenary Celebrations.

Dr. Niha was a great lover of Nature and particularly of the Udawatta Kele. He was in fact like the unofficial guardian of the Udawatta Kele. When there was a proposal to build a Road accross the Udawatta Kele during Mr. J.R. Jayewardene's time he got 5000 post cards by students of Dharamaraja, Mahamaya and Trinity to the President protesting against the project and, as result the proposal was dropped and Udawatta Kele was saved for the posterity. Dr. Nihal had an exercise of a walking trip through the Udawatta Kele with school children to familiarize them of the rich vegitation of this forest and of its value. He was never tired of escorting groups of school children. He was very much respected by President Jayewardene.

Dr. Nihal wrote a huge book on the history of the city of Kandy. He was also in pssesion of many important and historical maps of the Kandy city. He was very much knowlegeable of the the history of the Dharmaraja Principlal's bungalow where the famous English novelist D. H. Lawrence resided on his visit to Kandy. It is a pity however that Dharmaraja was not represented at his funereal. He is survived by his son, Rukhsan who is also a medical practitioner in Kandy. May Dr. Nihal's sjourn in the Samsara be short.
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