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Dharmaraja News
Board of Directors for 2018

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we announce that the DAANA BOD 2018 has commenced steering DAANA. We consider it as a great honor and a privilege to have this opportunity to serve you and our alma mater during this year. Thank you for your confidence and trust placed on us and we pledge to do our very best to take DAANA one step further in its remarkable journey.

Our 2018 inaugural meeting was held on the 28th of January and following officials were elected.

  • President: Viraj Opananda
  • Secretary: Praboda Weebedde
  • Treasurer: Lalith Perera
  • Vice President: Tharaka Wansapura
  • Asst. Secretary: Sisira Athauda
  • Activity Director: Rajitha Siriwardana
  • Media Director: Kisanka Rathnayake

Since the inception of DAANA, all our past BODís and DAANA members have collectively contributed towards its present gregarious state. BOD of 2018 would like to thank each and every one of you for your support and dedication for this wonderful accomplishment.

Our special Thanks and appreciations go to the 2017 BOD for a phenomenal year and a job well done. We look forward to continue all the great projects that you have run with tremendous success.

Finally, we would like to invite all Rajans alumnae in North America to get involved in serving our beloved school and spread the word among all fellow Rajans in North America who are still not under our umbrella. We have several DAANA chapters across US and please link with the closest chapter and meet your fellow Rajans to cherish those glory days that we all experienced at Dharmaraja.

We are very open to suggestions and ideas that you may have to improve DAANA and its operations.

As 2018 BOD, We are committed to do our best to make 2018 yet another great year for DAANA.


Date: 3rd April 2018

DAANA: Dharmaraja Alumni Association of North America www.dharmaraja-na.org, [email protected]

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